About Us

Nepal Tiger Genome Project (NTGP) is an initiative by the Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal, with the generous support from the American people through USAID for making funding available and collaboration with the government of  Nepal’s MOFSC and DNPWC, to develop comprehensive non-invasive genetic technology for broader conservation efforts of Bengal tigers in Nepal.
Conservation of the Bengal tigers in Nepal is a top priority due to dwindling number of this apex predator in the region.  In order to develop effective policies and strategies for conservation of Bengal tigers, effective census tools need to be developed and deployed.   Tiger conservation challenges are exacerbated by poaching activities in the region; available tools for conservation are inadequate and ineffective to address the challenges of tiger conservation.
NTGP will utilize emerging genetic based tools which have shown great promise in such areas as inter and intra species identification, population census and anti-poaching activities.  The information obtained through genetics is much more detailed and hence can compliment conventionally gathered data.  NTGP will develop efficient non-invasive methods of gathering information by extracting tiger DNA from scat (feces); which will minimize direct interaction with the animal.