NOV 04

International Stakeholders Workshop October 21, 2011

One day Workshop was organized on October 21, 2011 at Caravan Hall- Summit Hotel, Kathmandu by Nepal Tiger Genome Project. 30 attendees from the major stakeholders attended the workshop. Mr. Dibesh Karmacharya, PI- NTGP welcomed the participants at the workshop and introduced the project. Mr. John Stamm, USAID addressed the workshop on behalf of USAID and appreciated such collaborative efforts in field of conservation. Speakers from different organizations/institutions: MoFSC, DNPWC, WWF Nepal, NTNC, WII, Aaranyak-India, Virginia Tech, University of Idaho presented their work on wildlife conservation. There were participants from Nepal, India, USA & the Netherlands. Following were some of the topics that were presented:

  • NTGP overview and progress
  • Wildlife genetics and its application in conservation
  • Identification of current conservation challenges in Nepal
  • Possible ways of addressing conservation challenges
  • Biodiversity in Nepal
  • Implication in wildlife forensics with special reference to tiger populations of the Terai Arc Landscape, India
  • Non - invasive genetic monitoring of tiger populations in the protected areas of India
  • Non-Invasive sampling using cameras and scat sampling, design and analysis
  • Non- Invasive genetic sampling of wildlife
The workshop concluded with various discussions on non-invasive sampling, information and idea sharing among the International scientific community about tools that are being used and can be used for genetic analysis and population dynamics of the wildlife.

Stakeholders Workshop

Workshop session: Dr. KC Paudel