Mr. Dibesh Karmacharya, International Director- The Center for Molecular Dynamics-Nepal (CMDN). Mr. Karmacharya is one of the founding members of CMDN and Intrepid Nepal Pvt.Ltd.-a leading biotechnology venture in Nepal that focuses on molecular diagnostics and immunology. He has lead several operational researches in public health in Nepal. He is also PI of the recently completed pilot study of snow leopard genetics in collaboration with WWF/Nepal and Texas A&M University. He helped design and build Nepal’s first bio-safety level II molecular laboratory. Mr. Karmacharya will oversee overall Nepal Tiger Genomics Project in close collaboration with field biologists, wildlife genetics experts and governmental and non-government Organizations.

Dibesh Karmacharya

Mr. Kanchan Thapa , Ph.D. candidate, Virginia Tech Mr. Thapa has several years of experience working in conservation field in Nepal. He was the PI for Landscape level survey on tigers and their prey in Nepal. He also helped develop protocol for Monitoring Tigers and Their Prey in Terai Arc Landscape, Nepal; it was endorsed by Nepali government for implementation. He will engage in the field biology and genetics of the NTGP. He will be involved in the genetic data analysis as well. Additionally, genetic data will also be used for Mr. Thapa’s PhD work.

Kanchan Thapa
Virginia Tech


Dr. Marcella Kelly, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Laboratory for Wildlife Habitat and Population Analysis. Current project focus on population estimation for jaguars, pumas, ocelots via remote camera and genetic mark-recapture; tiger population size and occupancy estimation via remote cameras and sign surveys in Sumatra; Tiger ecology and demographics in Churia habitat Nepal; Red wolf road ecology in North Carolina; Appalachian coyote ecology in Virginia. Dr. Kelly will function as scientific advisor in capture-mark-recapture population size estimation, study design, field scat collection, and remote camera techniques. Dr. Kelly is advisor to PhD candidate, Mr. Kanchan Thapa during duration of field work, lab work and dissemination of results. Dr Kelly will participate through presentation and scientific advice in stakeholder meetings and workshops.

Marcella Kelly, Ph.D.
Advisor-Field Biology
Virginia Tech


Dr. Lisette Waits, Professor, University of Idaho, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, University of Idaho. UI Laboratory for Conservation and Ecological Genetics (LECG). LECG focuses on the genetic analysis of a variety of plant and animal species. The core goals of the LECG are: Conservation and management of rare and endangered species, biodiversity assessments, phylogenetic analysis, genetic analysis of natural populations, non-invasive sampling techniques. Dr. Waits focuses on carnivore genetics and currently has projects studying landscape genetics of bears in the US and jaguars in Belize, hybridization in red wolves, and gene flow in cougars and wolverines. Dr. Waits will function as scientific advisor for conservation genetics including providing genetics workshops in Nepal at the CMDN and will support CMDN technician at the LECG laboratory in Idaho.

Lisette Waits, Ph.D.
Advisor-Wildlife Genetics
University of Idaho

Dr. Maheshwar Dhakal, Ecologist Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) Ministry of Forest & Soil Conservation Government of Nepal Dr. Dhakal is the chief ecologist at DNPWC and he played a crucial role in designing the Nepal Tiger Genome Project (NTGP). He will be involved in setting up tiger genetic terminal at DNPWC in close collaboration with CMDN and other stakeholders. Dr. Dhakal will also take a leadership role in tiger conservation strategies and policy development based on information obtained through NTGP.

   Maheshwar Dhakal, Ph.D.

Ms. Manisha Bista, Nepal Tiger Genome Project Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal Ms. Bista has a Biotechnology degree from the Kathmandu University. She will be involved in overall coordination and management of NTGP.

Manisha Bista
Program Coordinator