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October 13-14, 2011/Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal, Thapathali
By Lisette Waits, PhD, University of Idaho, USA

Day 1: October 13, 2011

S. No. Presentation Title Download
1. Genetics 101 Download .PDF (4.50 MB)
2. Genetic Diversity Download .PDF (4.03 MB)
3. Gene Flow Download .PDF (7.01 MB)
4. Non-Invasive Genetic Sampling Download .PDF (17.9 MB)
5. Genetic Diversity Issues for the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Download .PDF (2.09 MB)

Day 2: October 14, 2011

S. No. Presentation Title Download
1. Phylogenetics Download .PDF (2.22 MB)
2. Landscape Genetics: An emerging tool for conservation and management of wildlife (and plants) at the landscape scale Download .PDF (17.9 MB)
3. Phylogeography in Conservation & Management Download .PDF (9.13 MB)
4. Defining Conservation Units: ESU's, MU's, and DPS's Download .PDF (1.71 MB)



October 21, 2011/Caravan Hall, Summit Hotel, Kathmandu

S. No. Presentation Title Presented By Download

Project Briefing on NTGP

Dibesh Karmacharya, PI, NTGP Download .PDF (2.19 MB)
2. WWF Nepal - Living with Example Shiv Raj Bhatta, Program Coordinator, Terai Arc Landscape, WWF Nepal Download .PDF (9.99 MB)
3. Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal

K. C. Paudel, PhD, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation & Shiva Raj Bhatta, WWF Nepal

Download .PDF (4.85 MB)
4. Tiger (Panthera tigris) Conservation Efforts in Nepal Maheshwar Dhakal, PhD, Ecologist, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Download .PDF (1.54 MB)
5. Overview of NTNC and Its Projects

Binod Basnet, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Download .PDF (9.90 MB)
6. Non-Invasive Genetic Sampling of Wildlife Lisette Waits, PhD, University of Idaho, USA Download .PDF (8.12 MB)
7. Non-Invasive Sampling for Wildlife: Thoughts on Design and Analysis Marcella J. Kelly, PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), USA Download .PDF (8.31 MB)
8. Wildlife Institute of India Dr. S.P. Goyal, Scientist-G, Wildlife Institute of India Download .PDF (6.91 MB)
9. Non-Invasive Genetic Monitoring of Tiger Populations in the Protected Areas Of India: Case Studies From Wildlife Genetics Laboratory, Aaranyak

Udayan Borthakur, Programme Head, Wildlife Genetics Programme, Aaranyak

Download .PDF (1.47 MB)